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About Us

The team at Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc. creates effective plans for high net worth individuals and families that are customized to their needs and lifestyles. Although we have grown over the years, quantity of clients has never been our objective. Instead, we develop effective long-term relationships with select clients the old-fashioned way: we sit, one on one, and work with them. Unlike large brokerages, we are not driven by incentives or sales quotas. We are beholden to no one except the one person with whom our loyalty lies - you.

For twenty-five years, it has been both our privilege and our pleasure to do business in this personal manner.

Our core service to you is personal financial planning and our "pleasantly persistent" oversight of your plan execution. We have developed trusted relationships with quality money managers and service firms for investments, insurance and other ancillary services. We often work hand in hand with our clients' attorneys and other advisors. In short, we usually become the core counselors for our clients' financial teams.

Our Ethics The value of your money.

Money has no value. Except that which you give it.

The true value of money is the freedom it gives you to live the life you choose. At Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc, we know this thoroughly, so our role is clear. We're here to help you make the right money management choices - so you can have the life choices you want. That's why we begin our dialog by asking very "nonfinancial": questions about your life's goals. Your hopes and dreams. Then we listen. It's the beginning of a long relationship that lets us discover how we can best plan for you. When we know where you want to go, it's easier to help you chart the journey.

“When your values are clear, your decisions are easy!" - Roy Disney

This, then, is the underlying philosophy of our service to you, that your life values drive the manner in which we help you manage your assets. We're much more than investment advisors. Much more, even, than financial counselors. We are guides, skilled in investments, insurance, estate and tax planning, who are here to help you stay on track to reach and maintain your life goals. Our fee based approach aligns our interests with yours.

That's why we like to say, manage your money well. But enjoy your life thoroughly.

Our Purpose Our objective? Help you reach your objectives.

At Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc, our purpose is simple. We help you enjoy life without worrying whether you'll have the money to support it. We'll listen, research, assess, plan, and keep constant watch on your portfolio. Our integrity, insight and independence are the foundation of JRWA.

  • We promise to provide independent and objective advice.
  • We promise to put our clients' needs first.
  • We promise to answer inquiries and phone calls promptly.
  • We promise to review clients' financial situation on a regular basis to ensure that they are on track.
  • We promise to be honest and candid.
  • We promise to provide excellent value for the fees we charge.

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