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You've earned the right to dream. Now you need a map to guide you safely to your goals. Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc have been helping high net worth individuals and families realize their objectives for decades, in all market cycles.

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Estate Planning What legacy will you leave your family?

We've all heard stories of estates being tied up, leaving families burdened and insolvent, with estate monies and assets dangling cruelly just out of reach. Don't let this be your family's fate.

Jackson/Roskelley Wealth Advisors, Inc partners with your estate attorney to develop comprehensive strategies to plan for the transfer of wealth. Our certified professionals work with lawyers to provide estate planning designed to:

  • Reduce estate taxes and transfer costs,
  • Assist with charitable giving.

Call us today to discuss your family's protection for a better tomorrow. 480.609.1055.

Raymond James does not provide legal advice. You should discuss any legal matters with the appropriate professional.

In order to maintain our complete independence as your financial advisor, we team up with a trusted, world class, independent, fee-based, broker/dealer, member of FINRA/SIPC to handle the vital investment transaction portion of your plan. Through this relationship our clients have access to the Raymond James Investor Access site on a 24hr basis.

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Retirement has become such an active time for many people that it would be better to call it, "your second life." Accordingly, we help you plan for the choices you want after you have retired. Using a comprehensive toolkit of financial options, we help you establish strategies and discipline to: make work optional, avoid costly mistakes that may delay or diminish your retirement, and create reliable retirement income.

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Many financial decisions impact your taxes - which, in turn, affect your ability to grow your wealth. So we pay special attention to this crucial component of your complete financial portfolio. Working with your tax professional, we help coordinate all areas of your financial life to help achieve the optimal tax benefits for you.

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Plan for the best, take precautions against the worst. Death, disability or a car accident can change your life in an instant, wreaking havoc on finances - if prudent risk management measures aren't in place. Working with licensed professionals, we review, assess, and make recommendations on your unique needs for insurance and liability coverage.

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